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Courtesy of Assurex Global, The Global View dated 27 September 2011

Submitted by Anonymous // September 29th 2011


    * News from the 2011 Global Partners' Conference in Berlin, Germany
    * New and Improved Assurex Global Web Portal Goes Live
    * Risky Behavior: Social Media Risks Every Company Must Address
    * Are You an Xpert? Quickly Search For and Collaborate with Industry Specialists Across the Assurex Global Network


    * Jeff McCart Selected to Serve on Gwinnett Chamber Board
    * IMA’s Kurt Watson honored by KU Alumni Association
    * Roach Howard Smith & Barton (RHSB) Launches New Website, 24/7 Service Delivery Platform
    * In2Matrix Appoints Margot Clarenbeek as Chief Operating Officer
    * Darren Black Joins IMA, Inc. as Director of its Professional Services Practice


    * French IPT on Health Insurance Change Oct 2011


    * AGU/Chubb Training Opportunity Schedule
    * Employee Benefits Compliance Webinar
    * Turmoil in the Middle East - What's the Impact on Your Clients? - Miller Insurance
    * Communicating Business Opportunities - Miller Insurance


    * 18 - 20 October - Loss Control & Claims Meeting (Phoenix, AZ)
    * NOW AVAILABLE - 2012 Conference & Meeting Schedule
    * 2011 Global Partners' Conference Presentations


    * 43,000 Yalies Hit through Data Breach
    * ThinkHR Featured in Rough Notes
    * RiskMeter Webinar - Custom Coastline


    * Chubb K&R and Extortion Webinar
    * An interview with Chubb’s Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation Claim Manager


News from the 2011 Global Partners' Conference in Berlin, Germany

Assurex Global, the world’s premier network of independent insurance agents and brokers, recently held the 2011 Global Partners’ Conference in Berlin, Germany. The conference is an annual affair that brings together most of the 110 independent brokers from over 80 countries that make up the Assurex Global network in one place to share best practices, identify new business opportunities, and interact with leaders of the world’s major international insurers.

Hosted by German Partner Leue & Nill, the conference featured educational sessions focused on adapting to the growing threat of damage from natural disasters, achieving multinational compliance for global companies, and ensuring the ongoing independence of broker Partners.

Stefan Nill, Managing Partner of Leue & Nill, was elected as the new Chairman of Assurex Global. Stefan is the first non-North American to be named chairman in Assurex Global’s 57 year history, and specifically since the expansion of the organization’s worldwide network in 1999.

James R. Hackbarth, President and CEO of Assurex Global, was present to welcome Stefan to his new position, and shared his thoughts on the change in leadership for the organization.

“Assurex Global has strategically expanded its network of brokers beyond North America over the past 11 years. To serve the risk management needs of global companies requires a global organization. Today we encompass 500 offices over 6 continents, and have named a new chairman to lead the spirit of multinational collaboration we have worked so hard to achieve.”

In addition to a new chairman, Assurex Global named Anselmo do O’ de Almeida, Interbrok-Adams & Porter Sociedade de Corretagem de Seguros in São Paulo, Brazil, as well as Glenn Horton, The Horton Group, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, as new members to its multinational Board of Directors.

An important topic of interest during the conference was "Multinational Compliance." The presenters discussed how international insurance programs can be designed to provide cost effective risk transfer and cash managment while adhering to insurance and tax regulations around the world.

"Companies with production plants or international subsidiaries in foreign countries have to comply with strict local insurance laws,” said Stefan Nill. “They often like to combine their international insurance programs and have them managed through a single source. It is critical to have a trusted resource to help meet the regulatory requirements, tax rules and insurance laws that are required.

“That is where the strength of the Assurex Global network comes into play. One of the most significant reasons that our network is so successful is because our Partners want to work together; they are not required to. We know each other, and depend on each other. The extensive interaction we have with our other Partners, just as we’ve concluded here in Berlin, helps us to be aware of the changing regulatory environments in various countries enabling us to mitigate risks in the interest of our customers.”

An ongoing area of discussion at every Assurex Global conference is the importance of maintaining broker independence. "Our independence distinguishes us from our competitors," says Stefan Nill. "As an independent broker, we are in the business of servicing the needs of our clients. We do not have to answer to the concerns of investment bankers or Wall Street, we answer to the needs of our clients.”

Assurex Global is working to support the independence of its broker network through the development of proprietary IT capabilities, such as the Internet-based global platform called Passport. Passport is a web-based application used for collaborating among the Assurex Global Insurance Brokers to manage local and multi-national corporations’ risk management needs. It is a tremendous benefit to the Partner firms, their clients and to the insurers.

“Our global Passport service really sets us apart from the competition today,” said Jim Hackbarth. “It allows our Partner firms to communicate more efficiently, share data amongst all parties, and meet stringent compliance requirements."

Assurex Global also welcomed several new Partners to the network since the last Global Conference:

    * RJ Ahmann
      Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    * BH Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği, A.Ş.
      Istanbul, Turkey
    * Continental Insurance Brokers Ltd.
      Beijing, China
    * DAEWOO Ins Korea Corp.
      Seoul, Republic of Korea
    * Doğan Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği A.Ş.
      Istanbul, Turkey
    * In2Matrix (UK) Limited
      London, United Kingdom
    * Optimum Insurance Consultants Oy
      Helsinki, Finland
    * Houlder Insurance Brokers Far East Limited
      Hong Kong, China

New and Improved Assurex Global Web Portal Goes Live

Have you been to the Assurex Global Web Portal lately?

If not, you may be missing out on valuable tools and resources to help you sell more business and manage your existing business more efficiently.

With new and improved navigation, you can find what you are looking for faster, and learn about the value added services that are available to each of our Assurex Global Partner firms.

Please download this Quick Start Guide to learn more.

If you have any questions about the revised interface, or suggestions you'd like to see to improve the Web Portal, please contact Rob Krohn, Director of Marketing & Communications (rkrohn@assurexglobal.com).

Risky Behavior: Social Media Risks Every Company Must Address

By: Rob Krohn, Director of Marketing & Communications, Assurex Global

Every company faces risks from social media because every company—even those without their own Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile or other online site—have employees who are actively engaged online.

Because a person’s job is such a significant part of his or her life, there is a perceived fine line between what may be considered a personal versus a business post. As a result, employees share job detail—and frustrations—with literally hundreds of others every day. Conversations assumed to be quite private are actually very transparent and accessible. And once online, permanent.


Reputation and Legal Risks
A post can quickly erode a company’s image with customers, investors, potential employees or other important stakeholders. What happens when employees post inflammatory comments, unpopular viewpoints or outright lies? Legal issues loom when there are
“mis-tweets,” false information, or opinions posted as fact.

Corporate Security
While IT departments have become very adept at protecting company computers through the latest technology, the greatest threat to security remains the people using those computers.

Hackers today have become quite adept at establishing, and then exploiting, online relationships. Termed “spearfishing,” this method of hacking has become surprisingly reliable and increasingly common.

Corporate security can also be compromised when employees unwittingly reveal information to competitive spies.

Social media sites also have the potential to spread viruses or other malware. When employees access these sites with corporate computers, your entire IT system can become exposed.

Financial Consequences
Even seemingly innocent posts made online, never intended for broad dissemination, can have real world financial consequences. Numerous companies have seen stock losses following simple posts.

Lost Employee Productivity
Fully 53% of employees admitted to spending at least an hour each day on social media in a survey conducted by Harmon.ie


    * Develop a social media policy. Clearly define what’s allowable and what is not. Be certain employees understand the policy and the potential of unwanted behavior to lead to termination.
    * Forbid online searches of potential employees. This is a tremendous legal gray area and isn’t worth the risk of privacy infringement.
    * Conduct education or training. Employees rarely recognize their behavior as risky.
    * Consider creative solutions to provide an online outlet. Remove all access, and employees will simply turn to their smartphones. Instead, consider “social media breaks” throughout the day or offer a bank of dedicated computers.


While companies can’t control every online reference, addressing the posts which appear from those with “insider information,” can notably improve security and reduce reputational or legal risks.

Sound social media policy, coupled with employee education and thoughtful usage, will help every company—those with formal social media sites themselves and those without—address the very real world risks that surface first in the digital world.

Request the full Social Media Risk article by contacting Rob Krohn, Director of Marketing & Communications (rkrohn@assurexglobal.com). You can customize it with your firm's name and information for distribution to your clients.

Are You an Xpert? Quickly Search For and Collaborate with Industry Specialists Across the Assurex Global Network

Assurex Global recently launched a "Quick Search" version of its XpertConnectTM platform. XpertConnect allows Assurex Global Partners to search for and connect with the over 1,500 "Xperts" identified in the Assurex Global network, searchable by their area of industry and line of business expertise.

What is an "Xpert"?
An Xpert is any identified specialist in the Assurex Global Partner network.

How do I search?
You must first login to AssurexGlobal.com, locate XpertConnect on the landing page, and click the Search Now link.

Quick Search
Type in the Xpert Industry and/or the Xpert Line of Business or other fields for your desired criteria and press Search. If desired, you can change the specialist country. The system will look for any matches, weighing each criterion separately.

How do I get my Xpert profile listed in this database?
Getting Connected is easy! To GetConnected, please visit this web page to complete your profile: http://www.prospx.com/getconnected/xc

How can I suggest a change to a Specialization Profile?
Please email AG_XpertConnectSupport@prospx.com to suggest changes you see necessary. In the near future, you will be able to maintain this yourself.

If you have any question about how to use the new XpertConnect platform, please contact Rob Krohn (rkrohn@assurexglobal.com).



Jeff McCart Selected to Serve on Gwinnett Chamber Board

Jeff McCart, Executive Vice President of The McCart Group, has been nominated and selected to serve on the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for a three-year (2012-2013-2014) term. He received a congratulatory invitation to serve from President and CEO of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Jim Maran, and 2012 Chair-Elect Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Raymer Sale, Jr.

This core group of influential Chamber members is responsible for directing and upholding the mission and goals of the Chamber – particularly Partnership Gwinnett, which represents the largest economic and community development initiative undertaken in metro Atlanta to maintain and improve the quality of life for all of the Gwinnett community.

IMA’s Kurt Watson honored by KU Alumni Association

Kurt Watson, President and Chief Operating Officer of IMA Financial Group, was named a recipient of the Fred Ellsworth Medallion from the University of Kansas Alumni Association on Sept. 9.

Since 1975, the alumni association has presented medallions each year to KU volunteers who have displayed outstanding service, following the example set by the association's longest-serving chief executive, Fred Ellsworth, a 1922 graduate who led the association for 39 years.

Watson is a 1975 graduate of the School of Education. He is a former Wichita chapter leader and volunteer for the Kansas Honors Program. He was part of the Wichita team that created the Jayhawk Roundup, an annual fall event. He and his wife, Sue Shields Watson, also a 1975 education graduate, are life members and members of the Presidents Club.

In 2010, he concluded a four-year term as chair of KU Endowment, where he remains a trustee and member of the Executive Committee. He and Sue co-chair the Campaign Steering Committee. They are members of the Chancellors Club and the Williams Educational Fund, where Kurt served on the Chancellor's Advisory Committee to Athletics. He also served on the School of Business Board of Advisors and the search committees to hire the chancellor and the dean of the KU Medical Center-Wichita.

Roach Howard Smith & Barton (RHSB) Launches New Website, 24/7 Service Delivery Platform

Roach Howard Smith & Barton (RHSB) announces the launch of a new website designed to enhance service for its clients and those seeking to learn about business and personal insurance options.

RHSB leverages new technology to provide clients, prospective clients, and the greater business community with an interactive risk management resource and a 24/7 service delivery platform. The new website, www.rhsb.com, uses technologies such as video, fillable forms, portals, Prezis, a blog, as well as content management so RHSB can ensure their content is continually responsive to client needs and the marketplace.

There are many new features on the web site. Virtual Risk Manager is a portal that provides access to various online service and information platforms for Property & Casualty, Employee Benefits and Risk Management. Other resources include an e-learning solution called Virtual University, an active and informative blog, and white papers.

“We felt it important to have our website be an active extension of our market differentiator, which is the ability to deliver risk management resources to our customers through cutting edge technology. The web site now aligns with this corporate goal and our desire to transfer our knowledge to our clients, as well as offer an electronic service delivery platform to help them better manage their risks,” says RHSB CEO, Tom Hughston.

The website also features key partnerships such as TechAssure and Assurex Global, which give RHSB greater national and global capabilities. RHSB highlights a new alliance with Direct Event Insurance, part of Helios Insurance Group, specializing in hospitality insurance, event cancellation, event weather and prize/indemnity coverage.

RHSB worked with Cazador Associates, digital marketing and website specialists for the insurance industry, to complete their website redesign. For more information about RHSB or its new website, please contact John Losurdo, COO, at 972.744.2702 or jlosurdo@rhsb.com.

In2Matrix Appoints Margot Clarenbeek as Chief Operating Officer

In2Matrix is pleased to announce the appointment of Margot Clarenbeek as the Group’s Chief Operating Officer. Margot will be responsible for managing and overseeing the financial and business planning functions, human resources and the Group’s risk management and legal activities. Margot is a qualified chartered accountant (NIVRA) and holds a Masters degree in Business Economics from the Erasmus University, Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Margot joins In2Matrix from KPMG in Russia and the CIS, where for many years she had been an equity partner and member of the Executive Board. Margot has over 20 years’ experience in professional services, mainly focused on auditing, accounting and employee benefits and other human resource matters in Russia, the UK, Ukraine, Brazil, Surinam and The Netherlands.

Darren Black Joins IMA, Inc. as Director of its Professional Services Practice

IMA, Inc., announces that  Darren Black has joined the firm as the Director of its Professional Services Practice. The Practice will continue to focus on professional liability and risk management consulting for architectural, engineering, design-build and law firms, but under Darren’s leadership, will also work closely with IMA’s Construction and Wrap-Up teams to provide project-specific professional liability solutions to owners and developers of large construction projects.

“Darren is a strong addition to IMA.” said Mike Whipps, President of the Kansas City office. “As a resource to the entire IMA organization, the Professional Services Practice has supplemented its ability to offer best-in-class resources and expertise to these key client constituencies, and we will continue to invest in areas that require unique insight and a true understanding of our clients’ businesses. Darren’s deep experience in this arena and his demonstrable commitment to client service will make a difference for our clients, and that is ultimately what IMA is about. ”

Darren graduated from the University of Kansas with both a Bachelor of Arts (1990) and Juris Doctorate (1993). He has spent the majority of his professional career in the Kansas City area, but spent the last four years in Chicago as the National Design Liability Practice Leader for a large, publicly-traded broker. He is recognized as one of the leading specialists in his field and has authored numerous articles for national publications, first as a practicing attorney and for the last fourteen years as a professional liability consultant.


French IPT on Health Insurance Change Oct 2011

The French government has introduced new details of insurance premium tax on health policies.

Health policies that do not require the policyholder to have a medical examination or make disclosures will be taxed at 7% of the premium, up from the current 3.5% rate. Health policies that do require the policyholder to have a medical examination or make disclosures will be taxed at 9% of the premium, up from the current 7% rate.

These changes only affect insurance contracts incepting from 1st October 2011. Any contracts that incept before this date do not need to have the tax charged to the policyholder adjusted to take into account the increase in the rate.

CLICK HERE to learn more.


AGU/Chubb Training Opportunity Schedule


Please review the information below regarding the upcoming Strategic Finance training session for producers. We encourage you to enroll now to reserve your seat at this session. If you are planning to send someone but are not yet ready to register, please contact Meg Allwein at mallwein@assurexglobal.com with an indication of your interest.

If you are interested in having Assurex Global University coordinate such training opportunities for 2012, please contact Meg Allwein at mallwein@assurexglobal.com .

October 11-12, 2011
Jersey City, NJ (Hosted by Frenkel & Company)

This two-day course will have participants not only looking at financial statements but actually running a company to see how their decisions impact their financial results. Participants will learn finance and strategic analysis, including competitive, economic and product portfolio analysis.

To register, visit:

If you have questions about any Assurex Global programs, contact Meg Allwein (mallwein@assurexglobal.com) or Ginny Leininger (vleininger@chubb.com).

Employee Benefits Compliance Webinar

Assurex Global Client-Focused Webinar Series

Wellness Compliance Issues

DATE: Thursday 29 September 2011
TIME: 2:00-3:00 PM Eastern
PRESENTER: Bob Radecki, President, Benefit Comply, LLC

Employer sponsored wellness plans come in many different shapes and sizes. Many wellness initiatives raise significant compliance concerns for employers.

This session will discuss a variety of wellness related compliance issues including:

    * When is a wellness program considered a “health plan” and what does that mean to the employer?
    * HIPAA wellness non-discrimination rules
    * Other compliance issues such as HIPAA privacy and tax consequences of some wellness-related incentives


Bob Radecki has more than 25 years experience in the HR and employee benefits industry helping employers deal with difficult benefit and compliance matters. Previously, Bob founded and served as President of A.E. Roberts Company, a nationally recognized compliance consulting and training firm. He has served as the principal HIPAA consultant to a number of health insurance companies, and is recognized as a leading expert on a variety of benefit compliance issues including COBRA, FMLA, Health Reform and more. Bob has been the featured speaker at numerous industry events and conferences, and has published a number of articles concerning various compliance issues.


Would your firm like to participate in any of these webinars? They are a tremendous value! $250 (per webinar) covers your entire firm and any clients you would like to invite. Assurex Global will provide a “client-ready” invitation for each webinar, which will include instructions for you and your clients on how to register for the webinar. Once registered, participants will receive webinar log-in and call-in information. After the webinar, each participating AG Partner firm will receive a written summary of the Q&A session discussed during the webinar and a link to the recorded presentation as a value-added service to your clients. Contact Sara Hilde (shilde@assurexglobal.com) if you’d like to participate in any of the webinars or if you have any questions.

Please note that the start times for webinars vary. Participating firms will receive an invoice directly from Benefit Comply for any programs in which they participate.

Assurex Global is excited to offer these webinars to our Partners and we hope you can make the most of this valuable opportunity!


If you have any questions, please contact Sara Hilde (shilde@assurexglobal.com).

Turmoil in the Middle East - What's the Impact on Your Clients? - Miller Insurance

The unrest in the Middle East and North Africa continues unabated. In this North American bulletin, Miller Insurance highlights the importance of exploring breadth of terrorism and political violence coverage.

They provide a quick summary of pertinent policies designed to support your clients' investments, people, markets and sources of supply in turbulent areas. It is not just companies with assets on the ground that run a risk - if your clients have customers or suppliers located in the political hotspots your client is also exposed to the situation.

News heightens awareness and highlights the value of political and related policies - risk is often just around the corner. Miller strongly recommends a review of all of your clients' overseas exposures, not just those currently under the media spotlight.

Communicating Business Opportunities - Miller Insurance

Opportunities to win new accounts are increasing as sectors of the domestic market show indications of tightening. The London and international markets provide the better informed and more sophisticated retail broker with the ability to offer options to existing clients and prospects.

Business activity has remained at a high level since the July 1st renewal season. Strategically, many risks and accounts are building on their existing long term international relationships while others are establishing positions in anticipation of a price capacity squeeze. Tactically others have already realized that the domestic market is no longer suitable for their needs.


18 - 20 October - Loss Control & Claims Meeting (Phoenix, AZ)

Registration is still open for our upcoming Loss Control & Claims Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, 18–20 October at the Ritz-Carlton.

Links to the logistics memo and registration form are listed below.

Logistics Memo
Registration Form
From this link, please log in and it will take you straight to the registration page.

If you have any questions, please contact Maggie Johnston, Mjohnston@assurexglobal.com or Whitney Harrington, Wharrington@assurexglobal.com. Thank you.

OW AVAILABLE - 2012 Conference & Meeting Schedule

We are pleased to announce the 2012 Meeting Schedule.

Registration forms and logistics information will follow.

If you have any questions, please contact Maggie Johnston, mjohnston@assurexglobal.com or Whitney Harrington, wharrington@assurexglobal.com. Thank you.

2011 Global Partners' Conference Presentations

Just a short reminder -- the agenda, registration (including e-mail links), speaker biographies and PowerPoint presentations are available on the Assurex Global web portal at http://www.assurexglobal.com.

To access the Assurex Global Web Portal:

   1. Go to AssurexGlobal.com
   2. Enter your Username and Password to log in.
   3. Locate Meetings & Education in the middle of the main landing page, and select View All Meetings
   4. Select Type>Area Conferences.
   5. Click Search.
   6. Click on Global Partners' Conference.

Thank you all very much for your participation.


43,000 Yalies Hit through Data Breach

Search engine hacking is on the rise. Recently, Yale University reported a data breach involving 43,000 faculty, staff, students and alums.

This time, cyber criminals accessed the Yale data through an unprotected File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server that contained the victims’ names and Social Security numbers.

The University disclosed the data was accessible for 10 months through the Google search engine and has offered two years worth of free credit monitoring and identity theft insurance to affected individuals.

Since data loss is inevitable, what can you do to protect your company? Get into compliance with the federal and state laws, talk with your insurance broker about cyber and other related coverage and make sure your staff is trained on how to protect non-public information.

Contact Julie Ryan (julie@julieryan.biz) at Prepaid Legal/Identity Theft for assistance in protecting your company or your clients’.

Prepaid Legal/ID Theft is an Assurex Global Preferred Provider.

ThinkHR Featured in Rough Notes

ThinkHR, an Assurex Global Strategic Provider, was recently featured in Rough Notes Magazine in reference to assisting brokers in 'filling the HR gap' for their clients.

To read the complete story, CLICK HERE.

RiskMeter Webinar - Custom Coastline

September 28th, Wednesday
2:00pm EST

MGA's quite often write for more than one carrier. When measuring the distance to the coast, this can be problematic. There is no agreed upon standard as to what the coastline is. Therefore, various carriers can interpret the distances differently, which causes confusion for the MGA. The MGA may not know exactly how a carrier measures the distance to the coast. For the MGA, this makes calculating the distance to coast confusing and time consuming. Also, if the MGA is not using the carrier's custom coastline, they may actually get back different distances than the carrier!

The RiskMeter has a solution. On a single RiskMeter account, multiple coastlines can be used. So if an MGA works with four different carriers, the RiskMeter can return four separate answers. This way, you could get the correct answer for each carrier. But to do this, we need the help of the MGA community. Let us know what carriers you need coastlines for. Also, speak with your carriers, and let them know how much this would help you. If we can get each carrier to define their custom coastline for us, we can load them on your RiskMeter account if you write business with them. This way, you would type in the address once, and get back the distance to each carrier according to their rules. The custom coastlines can also be used with our web services, which enables straight through processing.


Chubb K&R and Extortion Webinar

Our thanks to Chubb for their webinar on Kidnap & Ransom and Extortion offered exclusively to Assurex Global Partners on September 1, 2011.

The webinar was presented by Greg Bangs, Senior VP at Chubb, and Mike Ackerman, Managing Director of Ackerman Group, which handles all aspects of kidnapping and extortion, anywhere in the world.

You’ll find some of the tips presented in the webinar below.

K&R and Extortion Fast Facts:

    * Extortion claims are far more common than kidnapping in the United States
          o threat of disclosure of hacked computer information
          o threat of dissemination of lies, e.g., “I will post a You Tube Video claiming there was glass in my food unless you pay me $50,000”
    * In addition to traditional kidnapping for ransom, increasingly common are express kidnappings, such as a victim only being held for a few hours, and during that time being forced to visit ATM machines to provide money to the kidnappers
    * Kidnap hotspots around the world include Mexico, Gulf of Aden / Indian Ocean, Brazil, Venezuela, and a number of African countries, though the mix of local people to foreigners kidnapped varies by country
    * A K&R policy can cover the personal financial loss of individuals incurred as a consequence of kidnapping. Check to see that your kidnap policy includes all expenses that could be incurred.
    * Ackerman Group provides an online service to all Chubb Insureds called RiskNet, which provides country-specific information for potential kidnap threats

For more information, follow the link to the Chubb page on the Assurex Global web portal* where you can review a recorded version of the webinar that will be available until October 1, 2011.

*Please note, you will need to first login to AssurexGlobal.com before you can access the Chubb page of the web portal.

An interview with Chubb’s Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation Claim Manager

By John Rodwell, Assurex Global

Businesses rely on senior management, sales executives, and other senior leaders to sustain their growth and profitability. That can mean requiring them to travel frequently, domestically and internationally.

Overseas travel presents greater risks than domestic travel—due to unfamiliar roadways, language barriers, exposure to infectious diseases, and other unique hazards—that can be managed through insurance. In an effort to better understand the protection that insurance carriers such as Chubb can provide to our clients and their employees, John Rodwell interviewed Chubb’s insurance claim manager, John Jaroncyk.

Chubb provides Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation coverage through their three multinational products, World Network, Exporters Package Portfolio, and their globalized domestic policy, Customarq Global.

John Rodwell: Suppose our client’s employee was injured while on a business trip outside the United States. Should the claim be submitted to the U.S. Workers Compensation carrier, to Chubb as the Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation carrier, or to both?

John Jaroncyk: Chubb’s Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy is primary and designed to respond regardless of whether any other insurance applies. As such, it is a voluntary policy and must be elected by the employer to respond. The Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy provides the same state-of-hire benefits as those offered under a U.S. Workers Compensation policy. If another policy is utilized, the Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy would not provide benefits in excess of those offered by the selected state on the policy’s Declarations page.

JR: Does Chubb’s Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy cover U.S. expatriates while in the country they are assigned to? For example, will it cover a U.S. citizen who is on an expatriate assignment in the U.K.?

JJ: Chubb’s Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy provides benefits on an employment-only basis to U.S. nationals while they are assigned to a country outside the United States. If the U.S. national was to leave the long-term assignment to travel short-term on business, the policy would respond to injuries on a 24/7 basis during that travel. The policy does not supplant any compulsory insurance requirements for the assigned country.

JR: Does Chubb’s Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy cover medical costs for illness, or does it only cover accidents and injuries?

JJ: As long as the injury or illness/disease (including endemic disease) is related to the business travel, the policy can respond and offer benefits. Generally, most losses are accidents or injuries, but illnesses contracted during the business travel may also be insured.

JR: Are there any country exclusions?

JJ: Except to the extent there are any trade or economic sanctions or other laws or regulations that would prohibit us from providing insurance, there are no standard country exclusions in Chubb’s Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy.

JR: Consider a case where our insured’s employee extended a business trip in Shanghai to travel to Beijing to do sightseeing for a few days. She was injured while crossing the road in Beijing. Will Chubb’s Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy respond since she was not on company business?

JJ: No--the policy is intended to provide coverage 24/7 while on business. In this case, the business portion of the trip was extended for pleasure travel.

JR: What advice would you give business travelers as they prepare to travel?

JJ: Be prepared! Obtain pre-trip reports from your travel assistance provider. Under Chubb’s policy, that would be FrontierMEDEX.

JR: Here’s another case: The insured’s employee took his wife and children to a conference. One of the children, who had a history of asthma, had a serious asthma attack and spent two days in the hospital. Can the insured submit the bill as part of a Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation claim?

JJ: No. Under Chubb’s Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy, the only benefit available to a traveling spouse or child is Repatriation Expense, which includes additional expenses over and above normal transportation if the claimant requires a higher level of medical care than can be provided.

JR: How about if an insured’s employee incurs a serious injury during a business trip outside the United States? Does the employer have to contact Chubb during the trip, or can the claim be submitted after the trip?

JJ: Although there is no specified time frame to submit a claim to Chubb for reimbursement or payment, the insured should tell us at once if injury occurs that may be insured under the policy. We encourage employees to contact FrontierMEDEX as soon as possible in the event of an injury as they can greatly assist the employee in finding appropriate medical care, arranging repatriations, and so on, while engaging Chubb’s Claim Department.

JR: Let’s say an employee was injured in western China and is now hospitalized there. Does Chubb’s Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy pay for him to be flown to another country?

JJ: The policy provides a Repatriation Expense benefit for medically necessary travel. If the employee requires a higher level of medical care than can be provided in the country of incident, the repatriation expense benefit would be available.

The Repatriation Expense benefit covers transportation charges for travel from the country of incident to another country, including the United States. An opinion from a medical authority that the medical travel is necessary would be required.

JR: Why should insureds buy a Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy instead of simply endorsing their U.S. Workers Compensation policy?

JJ: Although most state Workers Compensation statutes are extra-territorial for temporary travel, there are gaps that may be filled by the Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy, such as 24/7 protection, medical and travel assistance, and coverage for endemic disease. In addition, claims paid under the Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation policy do not affect the insured’s U.S. Workers Compensation rate modification.

JR: What other policies should we offer our clients to round out their employee travel program?

JJ: Unfortunately, extortion, crime, and political instability are facts of life that corporate leaders must deal with when transacting business in an increasingly global and occasionally hostile environment. So in addition to Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation, Chubb’s Kidnap Ransom and Extortion and Business Travel Accident policies can round out a travel insurance program designed to help protect employees against these realities, both inside and outside the United States, whether they are traveling on business or for pleasure.

This document is advisory in nature. Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued. The information provided should not be relied on as legal or insurance advice or a definitive statement of the law in any jurisdiction. No liability is assumed by reason of the information this document contains.

Whether or to what extent a particular loss is covered depends on the facts and circumstances of the loss and the actual coverage of the policy as issued.


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